Friday, April 07, 2006

Belinda out, Ignatieff in, Dion in

Of course the Liberal party leadership is likely to be an important determinant of how Canadian politics look in the longer run.

Michael Ignatieff and Stephane Dion have announced their candidacies. They are both very bright, and I suspect this means the race will get very interesting. Ignatieff, in particular, has some positions entirely out of touch with recent Liberal history, and I suspect he can defend them. It should be good theatre. He is a scion of a patrician family that goes back a long way (imagine my surprise finding a George Ignatieff in the Flashman book about the Crimean War!).

Belinda Stronach did us the kindness to withdraw from the race, though of course this will reduce the comedic elements. No doubt someone else will join in to replace her in this role.

It has become clear that our new Prime Minister is a very bright boy. It seems we may wind up with a bunch of them battling one another soon. In so many ways we are a very lucky country.


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