Friday, August 11, 2006

Shrug - no Capri pants today

Beautiful weather predicted for the Rogers Cup quarter-finals today, which I will be attending with a friend. I was disappointed, of course, that Rafael Nadal did not make this round, but I do look forward to seeing a bunch of excellent young players (Berdych, Gasquet, Murray, and Nieminen - who at 25 is the old man of the group).
It is a little disappointing the organizers have scheduled only two singles matches for the day session, rather than the usual three, but I am nevertheless expeecting great entertainment. I knew the minute I heard Nadal had been eliminated that the Federer match would be in the evening, but I've seen him before so that's not so bad.
I suspect I will also be disappointed slightly at having to watch Gasquet without the great sound effects that were there at Roland Garros back in May as he lost to David Nalbandian.


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