Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Triumphs regarding Megan Follows

I did a solid IMDB search on the subject of Megan Follows shortly after very much enjoying her work in the production I reviewed earlier of Stoppard's The Real Thing.
What stunned me is that she had appeared in two CSI episodes, one for the Las Vegas series, one for the Miami. So I put myself on the watch.
So what happened late last week?
CSI (with no qualification, Las Vegas) has the episode in which a murderer's sister winds up in effect adopting the victim's child - I convinced myself that was the Megan Follows CSI episode.
The same day or the next I see an old CSI:Miami episode which features Eric Roberts as a particularly unpleasant death row inmate, and who shows up as a victim (not of him) later in the show but Megan Follows and she survives! Well, of course as I watch each show, I am not 100% sure it is she but later research confirms my suspicions.
I love serendipity.
Hey - she has been on "Cold Case" and "Crossing Jordan"! More syndication to allow me not to watch the CBC.


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