Sunday, June 18, 2006

Soulpepper 2006

Soulpepper made this year's decisions much more complicated by deciding on year-round season.
I finally assembled my skills and went with a friend to the Friday night show of 'The Real Thing'.
Stoppard's play is excellent, but as usual, the Soulpepper crew make it SO well worth seeing. Megan Follows has an effect on me (see previous posts) and it continues, but the whole cast is superb. The English accents grate at the start (is there anything specifically English, other than the locations?), but one learns. Richard Ouzunian's review was almost dead right, as he said that:

Megan Follows as Annie is a creature of marvellous angles — all flashing elbows and sensually lifted legs — holding the men in her life so tightly you know she's going to let them go before very long.

But I will be more specific. Her feet expressed most of the play. And she was great at that!
Now I am very eager to sign up for the rest of the season.

A small point - as my date and I sat working on the appetizer, Albert Schultz cruised through our restaurant. It is always great to flirt with relative stardom.


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