Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Agenda and Bob Rae

Steve Paikin spars tonight with Bob Rae.
I am so pleased that there are people like Rae and Ignatieff and Dion and Kennedy, all not like me, who are willing to hang themselves out in public this way. We are lucky in this country to have these guys running to be the opposition leader!
Rae had a terrible time as Ontario Prime Minister; we all have different memories of this. Mine is that he, as a leader of a party that should of all parties least have recognized the concerns about a deep structural deficit, recognized it, and acted on it (this is rather like the opposite of George Bush as a financial manager). Rae paid hellishly for it. I continue to admire him.
I am with Rae on skepticism about Ignatieff's willingness to open the constitution. I disagree with Rae on foreign policy today but understand his concerns and point of view.
I also think Rae's hair is much better than that of the other candidates. It is the only hair of the right colour in the race.


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