Saturday, March 10, 2007

I Knew This Was Coming

... as was hinted at earlier and now I know, unsurprisingly, whence (but I wish I could tell whether Angry's "Bravo" was ironic). In any case I think I line up best with dougf's comment at 10:37pm March 9. The Baptists and the Bootleggers are lining up, and will combine the NDP "Baptist' role with a whole gang of rent-seekers.
Proposals like this stupid one simply shut down whole areas of research on how to make for better lighting. Moreover, I'd really like to be convinced that home lighting is a big issue. I fear we mostly have a ton of small issues, and then transportation, which I see nobody addressing. Would the NDP propose a $1 gasoline tax? (I do not think that is correct either but it is closer to what makes sense.)

UPDATE: Moreover, would not a more sensible proposal, at least in truly logical terms, be to ban all artificial lighting? We could switching our time system around - though we would have to figure out how to power our clocks.


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