Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Flight of the Monarchs

It is an interesting theme discussed in Hitchens' presentation at Google. He does point out that the various views arising from religion are so much less rich and interesting, and maybe in some ways less implausible, than those that the scientific method has imposed on those who care about it. (His target is cosmology and the Hubble telescope but mine for now is narrower.)

It hit me today the now understood truth about what those silly little Monarch Butterflies were up to today is something NO religion I know about would guess at. It appears to be the truth (not even a concept for the faith-oriented) and it is so strange than none of the silly prophets who have created the various nonsense people want to believe could hope to produce. They are flying to Mexico!?

Yes they are and it took a ton of hard work to figure that out. I am pretty sure the fact that they do this is in many ways stranger than anything in the fatuous books of the various religions. But each Monarch I watched today filled me with a beautiful sadness about and respect for the great world we live in, so much richer than the fatuities that the religions have tried to offer us as explanations for the world we live in.

Go Butterflies! You won't all make it but I am already waiting for your great-great-great-great-...-grandchildren next year!



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