Saturday, August 25, 2007

World Track and Field

The CBC is doing its usual thing, and I cannot really complain - given that the event is in Osaka, it is probably a reasonable calculation that only a maniac would wake up to watch live coverage of the events. But why have have I seen different calls by networks for the soccer World Cup in the past? In any case I can now live with the edited materials.

In any case, it is really nice to watch. For me the sweetest thing so far was in the women's heptathlon high jump event, when Lyudmila Bloska, one of Carolina Kluft's closest competitors, joined in the encouraging clapping for Kluft's high jump. This is sport as it should be.

I confess I enjoy looking at the Baltic performers with their blond eyebrows (hair is one thing, eyebrows quite another!).



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