Sunday, August 26, 2007

This has the Potential to be a Really Fast Race

OK I am cool, as said before, about the CBC's long-time policy of not showing track and field live, as I would prefer to see it.
But when Don Whitman says roughly the line above in the subject line, in an edited presentation, regarding a race I had seen an hour before on NBC that WAS really fast, where nobody from NBC said anything so fatuously self-congratulating, I am deeply unimpressed with what seems to me the willingness of our national broadcaster to deceive us about the skills of their presenters. I would love to know when the assertion was recorded.
I will give them this point - both of the presenters are prattling on about the potential for a world record in the men's 100 metres, long after they surely know this did not come out even close to that. There is a different motivation here, though - to keep the ignorant watcher plugged in.
This seems a dirty game to me.



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