Friday, October 12, 2007

More Pia Haraldsen

I am experiencing a bit of a Pialaunch or Pialanche, with many visits coming to the site from a search with just her name. See this previous post, all of which comes from the link to my sister's blog in that post. Well, actually, to see Oddo, you should follow the link to Rondi's site.

Now Allahpundit has posted James Oddo's side of it, and I have to confess, he is dead right in everything he says. I expect he will be more suspicious henceforth of Norwegians!

Go listen to his description of the story. He produces a nice cut - "she wasn't witty enough to think them up on her own".

Pia Haraldsen has made me aware of James Oddo and I rather now like him!

Thanks, Pia.


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