Monday, December 17, 2007

Some Days are Diamonds, Some Days are Snow

In Toronto we cannot match the impressive indirect report from Ottawa from Paul Kedrosky yesterday but it has been a pretty wild couple of days. It required lots of shoveling just to keep the walkways and sidewalk in front of the house reasonably clear. We are obliged to clear them within twelve hours of the end of snowfall but that strategy with yesterday's storm would have left us walking around waist deep when the time came.

And then the real drama, we also knew, was coming overnight, when the city plows finally reached our street. It's a street parking neighborhood, so the big shoveling job comes after that - as a wall of snow piled up from the whole width of the street is deposited as a wall between one's car and the drivable roadway. (For all the pictures, click to enlarge - you can then also see flakes are still coming down.)

You can't see that wall in this shot from my porch but you can see there was a little snowfall, and some shoveling when I finally started taking pictures. And I had removed most of the wall from my own car.

The owners of these cars had not started work on their vehicles.

By contrast this shows the neighborhood had been really good about clearing the sidewalk.

And hey! The City had finally reached our street as well. (To be fair the plow came through during the night.)

The snow on the walkway has to go somewhere!


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