Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dion and Goodale in Saskatchewan

I cannot imagine ever voting for David Orchard (though one would have to see the available alternatives to be sure), but Steve Janke is having a glorious time with how Stephane Dion is dealing with one riding in Saskatchewan, and, by inference, the whole Liberal organization and power structure in that province.

(My readers may recall that I welcomed Stephane Dion's victory as Liberal leader. Enough said - you now know what to make of my political judgment, likely one reason I am not John Laschinger, a man largely, but not primarily, to blame for Millerbabble.)

In any case - enjoy Steve's latest on this - and then cruise through the earlier posts:
Meanwhile, Ralph Goodale is saying that the Green Light Committee put forward Joan Beatty's name and was very enthusiastic about that choice. Not so says GLC member , who is saying categorically that Ralph Goodale is telling a whopper, and that the GLC was not behind any particular candidate:
I get only one newspaper delivery per week now so I do not know what attention this gets in the general media. I watch lots of TV and have not seen a mention. (I always liked Ralph Goodale.)


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