Sunday, January 13, 2008

What's Up? (Hmm, is it really up?)

Larry Moran has a nice post here on the tensions in science between the latest stuff that is being published, and that material on which a pretty strong consensus (yeah, I don't want that word here, but it is what the post is about) exists.

He actually states, in supporting the appropriate skepticism, referring to papers of some seniority that were proved wrong:

In my opinion, it's far more important to look at examples like this than to expose undergraduates to several dozen hot new papers that are supposedly at the cutting edge.


It's worth reading the whole post. As usual, Larry has a mischievous edge that gets to appear. I am suddenly excited about the citric acid cycle. I hope we get a later report on its documentation on the Web. After all, if I got a tough question about it, I expect I would go straight to the Web.


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