Sunday, January 13, 2008

This is the best weekend in the NFL

Main point is that there are two matches each day. Why it is better than last week if we have eliminated some chaff on last week's wild-card weekend, also a lot of fun, but not at the same level!

Yesterday was not a disappointment to me at all.

Green Bay started off with Ryan Grant yielding two turnovers, each allowing an enemy touchdown. But did Green Bay withdraw his responsibility? - no, they threw Grant right back the the opposition, and he made mincemeat of all the concerns. A wonderful match from Favre as well - he was so impressive. Can they win another week? Seems less likely to me but it was fun yesterday and let us not forget the weather!

In the second match New England was held to 14-14 at half time and with some real notion that Garrard and team might be able, by properly careful play, to hang on and win by a sort of fluke (that was the exact half-time expert discussion). In any case, no, Brady and crew, and the New England defence, all figured out what to do about their problems and won comfortably.

Next weekend, less rich in matches, will I hope be as rich in competition!


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