Thursday, August 21, 2008

Horses on the Podium

As my sister and I were on the way to last Tuesday's concert, we were discussing the equestrian team medal won by Canada, and agreed it would be nice to see the horses on the podium and actually getting medals hanging around their necks, or even being interviewed by some horse working for the CBC - instead we got only the humans. It is nice to see the horses by the podium.

So it was nice to see Eric Lamaze, riding Hickstead, who together won the individual show jumping event , responding to the crowd's applause as he did a victory lap of the equestrian venue by pointing down at Hickstead.

Nice job Eric, and welcome back in a way. Even better job, Hickstead (who underwent surgery less than a year ago)!

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At 8:36 PM, Blogger rondi adamson said...

Tee hee. Check my Facebook status from earlier today. (Great minds! And fools!)
I quite like the idea of a horse reporter interviewing a horse competitor, btw.


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