Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nice to be Back

Up the Walworth Road, by the Imperial War Museum, across the bridge.

Look! No scaffolding! On the other hand, there is a crane sneaking into the picture.
While earth may not have anything to show more fair, you won't see it from most of the bridge, as there is fencing protecting a construction site most of the way across. At least you can read the poem written in several places on the fences.
Then along Whitehall, past all the statues of military luminaries, climaxing with Nelson in Trafalgar Square. Decide not to visit the National Gallery today, head up into the quite different spirit of Leicester Square, wander around a bit looking for somewhere to eat, and, giving up, head to Covent Garden. Snack and rest a bit while the buskers do their thing in front of Saint Paul's Church.
Then down through Charing Cross Station and across the Hungerford Footbridge.

Cranes everywhere!
Settle on the patio by Royal Festival Hall, and await my dinner companion.
That blister! And my legs are tired.



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