Saturday, August 30, 2008

What He Said - Playing for Pizza

Let me second the hearty endorsement in this post from Doc.

I picked up Grisham's Playing for Pizza in the airport, against my normal practice of avoiding Grisham novels (I tend to like his plots, but I find something amiss in his writing at the level of sentences and dialogue, and maybe characters, in his mystery/law novels - give me Turow anyday); I did exactly because I recall Doc giving a good review to a Grisham novel, though I was not sure this was the one. I loved it and found it a real surprise. As Doc says,

No convolutions, no feelings of emptiness. The existential questions are left unresolved, but it doesn't matter. It is set in Parma, Italy, about a former NFL quarterback, now playing for the Parma Panthers.

My next project - finding "Bleachers".

It's in fact a bit of a love song dedicated to Italy, especially to Parma, and for a lay audience, also an entertaining education in American football. I enjoyed also several plot turns that really led nowhere, or in a slightly misleading way.

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