Monday, September 08, 2008

British Weather

As I leave the UK, I expect a little less obsession on the Continent about weather, though the British concerns this year make some sense. In many regions this is the 'dullest' summer on record - and my week in London featured cloudiness with one day's exception, and my time recently in Hampshire has featured clouds and rain, eliminating all the standard outdoor touristic options.
This causes many to dream of better weather, but this can be hazardous, as I learned on the Manchester TV news. I found a print version of the report here.
What stood out was this passage:
She suffered fatal injuries in the impact and died instantly. It is thought she was dazzled by the sun as she swerved to avoid a wakeboarder.

It seems there are hazards associated with leaving a British summer and exposing oneself to the blinding light of Canada.

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