Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cologne - Sept. 19-20

I posted somewhat hopefully about the somewhat sham Anti-Islamization conference planned for Cologne on September 20 and planned protests against that.

Well, it's all over and the smoke has cleared and my impressions from all I have read are that the 'blockade' turned into the usual ugly left-wing stuff, attacks on police, setting fire to garbage, violence and beating of people simply trying to get to the wrong place.

"The city was ready", as Diana West reports on her blog. Ready for mob rule, as she reports. Maybe the saddest piece of this story is that the city's administration regards this sorry outcome as a triumph.

However dubious the original 'conference' was, the brown-shirt behaviour here is clearly on the other side, and breaks my heart. SillyWife and I have loved Cologne in our visits there the last few years - staying near the University has particularly exposed us to its lovely multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism. A visit to the local Roemisch-Germanisches Museum proves this cosmopolitanism is a long-established feature of this beautifully-placed city on the Rhine.

What became of the left? Why the love of childish and stupid violence? A quiet protest would have been an eloquent statement against the apparently stupid 'conference' planned on the day. Instead it became an excuse for more infantile acting-out. Has the left been left only to the children now?


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