Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sept. 20 in Cologne

I saw these posters early this week in Cologne and wondered what it was all about.
Charles Johnson caught wind of it and explained it to me.
That list contains virtually every racist, fascist leader in Europe, and you can bet that the usual suspects will be defending it. The concept of fighting against the global jihad has lost much of its credibility, because some of the most visible spokespeople refuse to unequivocally renounce their associations with this crew of vile Neanderthals.

I hope the planned 'Verhinderung' of this meeting can be carried out reasonably, but it is quite conceivable that the organizers of the protest contains another gang of usual suspects.
On the other hand, their web site holds some hope.
Robert Spencer also has some thoughts on the 'conference'.

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