Sunday, August 31, 2008

Some Overdue Animal Blogging

I left London Saturday morning, and headed to Oxford, where I was greeted along the M40 by a huge raptor floating above the motorway, and then on arrival by this refreshing creature, however much some think them a pest.

I love Magpies, as they are so like Blue Jays and I wish they would extend their North American range into my part of the world, though maybe I'd lose the Blue Jays if so - better think twice.
Now when I go to Oxford I visit good friends, of whom one is an old feline buddy - though you might not know it from this view - I think it is just the three years' absence producing that look - "Where have YOU been?"

Of course this was posturing, as the same creature decided to join us on the deck for snacks later in the afternoon.

As for other animals, as I drove up from my Oxford stop to Edinburgh, there came a point where there were sheep everywhere! (Sorry, no pictures.)


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