Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gasbags Indeed

Rondi discovers the complicity between CTV and the rent-seekers in our arts community. (I would bet CBC news is even worse, and most of our print media.)

Mike Brock takes down Wendy Crewson - my regular readers will know how much this must hurt me. She deserves it, though.

What bothers me about the group of actors and pro-arts-people, is not so much that they're demanding government funding for the arts, it's that they are misconstruing reality in an ever-so overdramatic way. It seems they are unable to leave their acting on the stage.

Take for example, Wendy Crewson, who recently found herself without work when the Canadian Movie Network, ended it's run of the show ReGenesis.

On Canada AM this morning, Wendy plead to Canadians to understand the importance of funding the arts through taxpayers dollars, pointing to the fact that Canada has gone from nine original Canadian TV series to two since Harper has been in power.

She even likened this arts collapse to the economic collapse in the US, drawing a comparison between the deregulation of the US financial industry, and the deregulation of the Canadian entertainment industry.

The only problem is that Wendy is a gasbag. And her statistics are a little bit off base.

Read the whole things.

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