Sunday, September 28, 2008

SNL on the Political Week

Alahpundit gathers the skits together.

Actually, much as I like in a weird way McCain's dice-rolling, the Katie Couric intervew with Sarah Palin skit is wonderful. Tina Fey is just marvelous. I have not watched SNL in ages but maybe I should use my non-sleeping time on Saturday nights in another way. And I loved, "when cornered, you become increasingly lovable".

I was very surprised about how even-handed the Obama-McCain debate skit seemed. I loved the idea of the surge being proposed in 1985.

And Clinton - well that is how Clinton strikes me in this race, though it goes slightly over the edge at the end. Not without some cause.

Small update: what a boring campaign we have in Canada - except for having way more parties. Nader has dropped out, right?


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