Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Dimwit Party

Unbelievable! And they are proud of this.

Part of their policy is to:

Reform the CRTC to ensure that prime time television in French and in English is written, directed, stars, and is about Canada and Canadians

I'd really like to know what on earth this is supposed to mean. But even if it applies only to Canadian television stations, it would be a fatal blow to them. As John Ivison so handily puts it:

No more trash like Mad Men, 30 Rock or John Adams -- we will instead be force-fed quality programming like Canada's Next Top Model and reruns of The Littlest Hobo.

This was classic "loony left" stuff from the party that discussed introducing a trans-gender day of remembrance, nationalizing Canada's primary industries and withdrawing from NORAD, NAFTA and the WTO at its last policy convention.

I don't fully understand why TV is so privileged, though. Would it not be a logical extension to insist that all food available in grocery stores be from Canadian sources, that only cars manufactured in Canada be available for purchase, that only books by Canadians be available in bookstores, etc.? And moreover, those books can only be about Canadians! I await the New Dimwit Party position on these suggestions shortly.

I have long thought Layton was a stupid little man and now he is intent on making me certain of this.


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