Thursday, October 02, 2008

Likely Switching the TV Permanently to Palin-Biden

I have seen roughly the same economic inanity from the three insignificant opposition leaders as last night - I feel sorry for Harper, and opine with Andrew Coyne from the Maclean's live blog:

# 9:18 PM Andrew Coyne - Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a party to the free-market side of Harper? Somebody to criticize him for spending too much, not too little? Somebody to contradict the NDP/Bloc/Green wackos?
# 9:18 PM Paul Wells - I went offline for a bit, grrr, but I was trying to make the point Coyne made: Canada’s situation is indeed stronger than in the US, but “It’s not so bad” is a very difficult hill to defend.

Now I feel sorry for the Harper who is trying to explain some very basic economics to these idiots, but he has also produced some howler policies in this campaign, like the tax credits for parents sending their kids to art classes that will require the creation of some facility to define 'arts'.


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