Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Recommendation for Tomorrow Night's Debate

I am watching the French-language debate among the leaders of the contending parties in the Canadian election, since I think Biden-Palin is a far more attractive tomorrow night.

For the first twenty minutes it was wildly boring, and completely inane as numerous economic illiterates debated against one person who seemed to know anything, but who has sacrificed a good deal of his knowledge to expediency (had he not, he would not have been there).

But it all became a lot more fun when I found the Maclean's magazine live-blog.

The suggestion for those watching tomorrow - read that live-blog as you go!

A couple of highlights so far.

# 8:54 PM Andrew Coyne - Say something nice about the person to your left?? Where did they FIND these people..
# 8:55 PM Chris Selley - At Hallmark, Andrew. They found them at the Hallmark store.

# 8:58 PM Chris Selley - A good father! HA!
# 8:58 PM Martin Patriquin - This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pointless.
# 8:58 PM Aaron Wherry - “Your kids are lovely.” Family really is everything.
# 8:58 PM Andrew Coyne - You’re a good father? That’s the best she can come up with? And Hitler loved his dog!
# 8:58 PM Andrew Potter - I actually *like* this segment. It’s the logical consequence of having five people at the table.
# 8:58 PM Philippe Gohier - May to Harper: You’re a good father
but you’re a dangerous fascist.

That's enpough. Time maybe to go to watch the DVD of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall".


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