Monday, November 24, 2008

Ashbridge's Bay Avian Environment

It's winter here!

On top of the usual year-round canada geese, ring-billed gulls, double-breasted cormorants, mallards, and swans, we now have buffleheads, oldsquaws, chickadees all over, kinglets, and a couple of creatures I saw today and could not identify. (I never saw a kinglet, nor with certainty a chickadee, but it was clear they were there.)

This is the winter occupation! (I think the kinglets may well be year-round - but I have seen only one that I could confidently identify, a golden-crowned, in three years, and their chirping is harder to isolate other than in winter).

One bufflehead let me take a fuzzy shot.

Another winter feature are the conferences of gulls on ice:

Of course there are other sorts of bird-brains that show up.

(About similar to the 9/11 troofers previously documented.)


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