Friday, November 28, 2008

Sara Sidner

... has been thrust into likely international prominence as CNN's correspondent at the Taj hotel in Mumbai. Attractive and articulate, she has managed to keep me engaged when all she really has to report is continuing explosions and sounds of gunfire from the hotel.

I've had two rather sleepless nights and I continue to be amazed to find her still standing guard outside the hotel, dealing tirelessly with unruly crowds, authorities, and no doubt her colleagues as well. How does CNN hire so brilliantly? I have become accustomed over the years to seeing local Ontario anchorettes popping up on CNN International during my summer trips to Europe, and now I discover that Sara has come from a station I used to watch when I was in Berkeley, KTVU. Good poaching, CNN!

According to her CNN profile:

She adores animals especially monkeys, horses and big cats.


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