Thursday, November 27, 2008

Soulpepper Spam

I got this nice e-mail from Albert Schultz regarding activities at Soulpepper.

Thank you for supporting Soulpepper. I would like to extend a special offer to you for three remarkable shows happening here at the Young Centre. As a Soulpepper patron you can receive $20 tickets to Radio Play, Sylvia Plath Must Not Die and Doing Leonard Cohen. Radio Play features Canada's foremost contemporary dancer Peggy Baker and celebrated actor/writer Michael Healey in a delightful piece that blurs the line between dance and theatre. Sylvia Plath Must Not Die and Doing Leonard Cohen are two acclaimed works by Calgary's internationally celebrated One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre. Book your $20 tickets today by calling the Young Centre box office at 416.866.8666 and quoting SOULPEPPER652.

Hmm, I thought, that is a tad vague. I went to the Web page and discovered tickets for all these shows are priced at $20 and $30.

Surely, I then thought, he cannot mean that the reward I get is paying $20 for $20 tickets? So I called, and guess what!? That is exactly the deal.

It's bad enough they keep hundreds of people sitting around while their privileged donors drink, but this is really silly.

In any case, no big deal - I have to give them credit for their spamming. I do wonder what Albert thinks is so special about his offer. This is close to sleaze.

UPDATE: Soulpepper responded to my posting with this claification:

I wanted to address your concerns about the Young Centre offer to Soulpepper patrons that you received by e-mail for $20 tickets to our upcoming programming. The prices you reference from our website does indicate that the range is $20 - $30, but omits the fact that the $20 is exclusively student pricing. By quoting the code for this offer patrons can save $10 off of the $30 general ticket pricing.

I hope this clarifies a few points and that this hasn’t soured your experiences of Soulpepper and the Young Centre.

This does make me a lot happier! I wish it could have been made clear in the original note - and maybe the box office staff should have been briefed - I explicitly asked, after identifying the code, "Does this mean I get a $20 seat for $20?", and was told "Yes".

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