Tuesday, December 30, 2008

John Hinderaker fisks AFP on Thatcher

The distortions are wonderfully predictable.

What's funny about the AFP's take on the newly-released documents, other than their triviality, is that the facts, as described by AFP, support a conclusion exactly opposite from the one the news agency draws: Britain's Labour government was petty and vindictive in trying to keep Mrs. Thatcher out of the limelight:

And history gave that Labour government just what it deserved for its slimy behaviour.

It is the Labour government, not Mrs. Thatcher, that comes off looking terrible in the documents as described by AFP; yet the "news" agency can see them only as an indictment of the Conservative Prime Minister: "Shrill, publicity-seeking, demanding a good hairdresser." Sad, but typical of the absurd level of liberal bias that we see in our newspapers every day.

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