Monday, February 09, 2009


SillyWife and I got home last night and changed our TV watching planning - we got caught up in the red carpet for the Grammys.
We have not watched this show for years! And we stuck to it until we fell asleep.
It did much for me - I was so surprised how good the show was. The writing was terrible - they should get the Oscar writers, BUT:
I LOVED the way they made collaborations of the weirdest company. Stevie Wonder and the Jonas Brothers! Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus? Combinations I could not identify? Brilliant.
This is the material I normally hate and I loved almost everything they threw at me.
As the economy sinks I feel great about the world's entertainment.
My greatest disappointment - the fact is, I think the performances at the Grammys were live, and I think as a result a bit tinny. And the greatest discrepancy was the utterly beautiful "Viva la Vida", which haunted my fall vacation in Europe; as a CNN anchor said, this song has a wonderful smooth feeling that is utterly amazing.
A few years ago I felt dismissive about Coldplay.
A few years later 'Viva la Vida' makes me feel an utter fool. Surely one of the greatest songs of this so far young century.


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