Friday, February 13, 2009

Miguel Jacob

Another of last Wednesday's activities was a two-hour lecture and question-and-answer session with a local Toronto fashion photographer, Miguel Jacob. I was a bit disappointed at the overall turnout, probably dominated by his family and their friends (all also apparently very interesting people), as I think a lot of people missed a really good opportunity to learn from a very interesting artist.
Essentially an autodidact as a photographer, he is clearly doing some very nice work, and shared with us his commitment to experimentation and the willingness to make and try to learn from mistakes.
He also shared with us his own enthusiasms, and this gave me the name of a few other photographers (not one of whom I had heard of), to study.
If only you had been there.
Here is a nice little video of some of his portfolio.

Thanks to the Hart House Camera Club for this!


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