Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dancing With the Stars Results, April 28. 2009 - Live-Blog

As usual, a bunch of filler at the start. Have not really paid attention. Spme rather ineffective singer is accompanied by the opening of Beethoven's Fifth. There are also some dancers.
Into safety announcements.
Lil' Kim and Derek will be back - well-deserved.
I have since learned that the singer is the son of Alan Thicke and Gloria Loring. Why does this not surprise me?
Next filler - judges babble about virtues of the celebs who are dancing. They are focusing on Melissa's legs and I agree!
Ty and Chelsie are coming back too!
Another Robin Thicke song anad some talk of the couples through with Samantha.
Gilles and Cheryl get through. Seems right to me too.
I have to give them credit, the fake ads are not bad.
Interlude now for the candidate new pro dancers for next year. I am not really following this.
Next safe selection - Shawn and Mark will be back.
It is now between Chuck and the wounded Melissa.
Blah blah blah fake suspense. Melissa and Tony will be back! Fair from overall results, but I wonder if Melissa can actually dance anymore with her busted rib. Chuck is pretty classy, pointing out that this result reflects Melissa's great popularity (well, maybe he is suggesting that she is popular but incompetent, though it did not sound that way).
No more news to report today.


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