Monday, April 13, 2009

Lovely Surprise

Simon Cowell's eyebrows say it all as she starts to sing.

Susan Boyle - 47-letnia śpiewaczka z brytyjskiej wersji "Mam
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I usually find these shows a waste of time but this is quite moving.
h/t Dlisted
UPDATE: (2 pm or so) I see this popping up everywhere on the Web now. It is so great that this technology lets more than just that local British audience share the privilege of hearing what until very recently only her cat Pebbles ever got to hear.
UPDATE: (2:15 pm) A nice post on this by Peter Simpson, who captures the context and story nicely.

She is plain, gray, entirely nondescript, and as one judge later admitted everybody in the theatre during the broadcast was surely expecting Boyle to fail. What they got was remarkable - a brilliant voice, and brilliant, real television drama.

Reality TV has some small potential, however useless most of it. I have now watched the video a few more times and it really is clear how dismissive all three judges are as Boyle steps up, so to speak, to the plate. And to their credit they all retreat at the end - Cowell amusingly elegantly, I think suggesting in his statement that the 'something extraordinary' that happened was quite different from the 'something extraordinary' he anticipated - though perhaps so elegantly many missed it.
At the moment, for me, repeated viewings just move me more. Oh my, "Never been kissed." I hope Pebbles was watching!


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