Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Seems I am a Film Producer!

As are millions of us. Involuntarily.
How stupid can this place get? As we suffer another property tax increase blindingly higher than pledged by the campaign Millerbabble.
Now we get this Millerbabble:
“We don’t in the long-run want to run a film studio. That’s not what we’re good at. But we do want this film studio to succeed to create jobs in Toronto.We view this as a transition measure, but the transition may be several years.”

If it were not my property taxes I would just laugh! But what does he think he is good at? Maybe, like Obama, he should start running the car industry. Anyway, I await discovering Miller's core competence, other than perhaps looking like a Mayor. What a waste of money.
Anyway, for many years Miller plans to run a film studio. And he has cut a deal in such a way we taxpayers cannot find out what the deal is.
The money – “millions and millions” according to councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong (Don Valley East) treading as close as he could to the line without breaching the confidentiality code – will come out of the city’s land acquisition reserve fund.

Yeah let's make sure the voters are not allowed to understand what we are doing with their money.
I found this incredible:
Councillor Michael Walker (St. Paul’s) will be reported to the integrity commissioner for taking the confidential report to an outside forensic auditor over the weekend seeking insight – a potential violation of council rules.

I love the summary at the start of the article:
In a closely guarded deal worth undisclosed millions, city council yesterday approved a loan for the purchase of a minority stake in Filmport in order to partner with the producers of the legendary James Bond blockbusters to operae Toronto’s state-of-the-art studios.

I see it now - Halle Berry in a bikini exiting Lake Ontario (if we are lucky during most of the year when it is cold), and his blonde goodness saying, "Miller, David Miller". And at my expense and that of so many of us he consistently lies to. Not at his expense.
I like this city and utterly despise its Council right now. Tossing money away for nothing but the vanity of its "leaders".


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