Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Who is Elaine Paige?

It gets more and more entertaining with each viewing. There is a YouTube version now with over 5 million viewings.
But watching it over and over produces interesting results. For one thing she is VERY confident if also amusingly diffident about never having been kissed (and Piers Morgan rightly describes her as 'cheeky', and her response to Cowell shows she knows what she has.. But that great smile just before she opens her mouth shows she knows what we did not. And that amusing "And that's just one side of me." or "I am going to make that audience rock")! The feedback from Pebbles was all she needed.
I particularly love Amanda as with just a finger she shows she knows one challenge in the song, where the register rises. It is so eloquent, and as Boyle nails it, Amanda leaps to her feet.
One thing for sure - that girl who looks so dismissive at 1:24 is going to feel bad for years.
In the end, it is funny - I had NEVER heard of Elaine Paige until Susan Boyle mentioned her.


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