Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Demonstration I'll Join

Terence Corcoran on the nonsense on Toronto's streets.
Let it be known that a new pro-capitalist organization plans to take to the streets of Toronto to protest the threat of Obamaism to Canada’s market economy. To get our message across, Canadians Harnessed Against Obama Socialism (CHAOS) will soon stage a mass rally at King and Bay.
CHAOS will seize control of the crossroads of Canadian capitalism until Stephen Harper agrees to tell Barack Obama to stop interfering in the global free market system and stop the Buy American policies that are killing Canadian jobs.
We will keep King and Bay shut, along with adjacent roadways, whether it takes days or weeks.
Certainly CHAOS also plans to count on the support of David Miller. The Mayor says the Tamils “have an absolute right to make [their] concerns known and to protest.” Remember those words: “An absolute right.” This from a Mayor who would deny people the right to bottled water, dandelion-free lawns, competitive mass transit, and hundreds of other things.

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