Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Will They Sit Back Again and Allow This Nonsense?

Tamils are threatening Toronto tomorrow with further chaos by blocking some major traffic artery.
Last Sunday they closed the major east-west artery for several hours by breaking a police line and racing up a ramp onto the Gardiner Expressway. I was stunned that the police did not take what I consider to be their job, clearing the roadway, but understood better after hearing the police chief describe the logistics problems, and major dangers, as a crowd, including children, was parked up 40 feet above ground with low fences. WIth a lot less justification the police also permitted the demonstrators to close one of the main streets in town for several days.
I'll have a harder time understanding another failure of will to start arresting these clowns. There certainly won't be the excuse of surprise, and I will wager any popular sympathy for the people involved is fading fast. Canada has essentially nothing to do with the conflict in Sri Lanka, and I doubt these demonstrations are building popular support in Toronto for the idea that our Prime Minister should devote his energies in other than working through the UN via normal channels trying to provide humanitarian aid. Which I will wager we already have people doing.
There is a real reason for distress among local Tamils in general, but my own guess (and it is a guess) is that the Tamil Tigers (the protesters fly Tamil Tiger flags prominently in every gathering) organization is clearly pretty close to being finished. This is not an organization we really ought to be sorry to go. The main thing they have brought into the world is the suicide vest.
I am pretty sure occupying a major highway is a crime in Ontario. It will be interesting to see whether any of our levels of government decides to enforce that one for a change.

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