Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dancing With the Stars Results, May 12, 2008 - Live-Blog

Opening with something sung by a Raphael Saadiq. Not to my taste - ominous for the hour. Some dancers come out, which improves things. Though not a lot.
Next we review yesterday's results, and some of the rather entertaining disagreements among the judges. Generally I think they scored right, with Gilles and Shawn putting on the best
Hmmm. The actual contestants are dancing again tonight! Or is this a replay? Anyway that is clearly Shawn's body tangoing and doing those cute little leg kicks. Looks as if it was live.
Now past champions talk about the semifinal four. Everybody says everyone is great. Well, of course they all say Ty is a hard worker and determined, rather than discuss the dancing.
Now we are back to selection of next year's new pro (just one?). Mayo does a tango. I guess I should watch as we are supposed to vote. Anna does a quick-step.
For all I admire the celebrities, putting two pros together in these trials shows the difference pretty clearly. Of course the pros likely have more motivation to win as I imagine this gig for one of them must be a lot more important than it is for a celebrity. On the other hand, this show's concept of celebrity is rather broad.
Last finalist:
Now there is a quickstep with four dancers and I have not paid enough attention to understand who they are or why they are out there. There was mention of a design-a-dance contest. Oh I see - I was supposed to be voting to help define that dance. And I did not even watch it really! Next year, maybe.
OK Mayo is back cha-cha-ing. And now a samba from Anna. This is a no-brainer for me; Anna is the one. (Not entirely because of dancing. I like her accent.) OK my votes are in.
I just noticed they are not doing that silly elimination of semi-finalists one by one. Maybe they will just tell us today who gets knocked off.
More promotion now for The Bachelorette.
OK here they come - no ad?
OK here are two who are finalists. Well, once they stop killing time.
First two finalists (in no particular order): Gilles, Shawn
By the way, saying "in no particular order" is ludicrous. The names are delivered in a very particular order. I know what they mean and surely, "not necessarily in order of their scores", or perhaps, "in no particular scoring order".
Now more blather from the judges just to fill time and increase suspense.
Third finalist: Melissa
Well, Ty was fun to watch, but not really usually for excellence. It is a relief to me after Jewel's outburst (slightly justified) that it was not Ty who made it to the final.
One more week!

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