Friday, May 08, 2009

Reality Talent Shows

I tend not to watch them - after all, if the talent has not been realized, how is such a show likely to find it? Having said that, it is interesting how well American Idol has done for its contestants, and not just the winners (I am wearing as I type a Kellie Pickler t-shirt - never saw her on American Idol, but at a country awards show where she cried and I did with her).
But this year's "Britain's Got Talent" auditions are sure proving the case for the name of the show. I have already posted on Susan Boyle, and figured she was a shoo-in, but I have since not posted on other videos from the auditions that show there will be a very healthy competition.
My friend Dianne just drew my attention to this lovely audition.

Simon Cowell I see taking a rap for being mean on American Idol, but from what little of the show I have watched, he is the only judge who has any standards at all.
So it actually means something when he counsels Jamie Pugh to believe in himself more. And the reaction is quite touching.
The other thing you know, and this makes Cowell a VERY valuable judge, is that he invests himself in those he believes in - a recent appearance by Paul Potts on Q is proof of that.
I take a certain delight in having participated in technology developments over the last twenty years that have driven networks to feature a lot more of these surely inexpensive shows, by making them less able to earn easy money. I would not have expected such positive consequences from them (as I always thought they mostly focused on humiliation).


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You oughta read about
Scottish Singer Susan Boyle Blew Simon Cowell Away!
Susan Boyle in a Gong Show Aka Britain's Got Talent?
(picked from
that resonate your sentiments on Susan and Simon Cowell.


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