Saturday, May 09, 2009

The TPC at SawGrass - 2009

This will be SO much fun tomorrow!
One player I did see and did not mention from my experience watching the Canadian Open live was Alex Cejka (pronounced Chay'ka). He was quite charismatic, and had the wildest ponytail.
Well he is leading the TPC, perhaps the tournament most worthy of being named a major and not so declared, and he does not remotely look like the guy I watched. But he is sure playing well.
One thing that impresses me is that NBC can recover from finding some weird guy leading the tournament, and actually say something useful about him. They have been nicely telling the story of his family's flight from Czechoslovakia in 1968 - "my father jumped over the fence so I did too". And so Cejka now plays as a German, and more power to Germany for hosting him!
Ian Poulter has been in the mix and the broadcasters really do not like him. He is not much to my taste either, with his apparent attitude, and his asshole-sunglasses. I guess I should not blame him for the latter as he is no doubt paid a lot of money to wear them by the asshole-sunglasses-company. But a passing comment from the broadcasters about his being 33 and his record not quite matching his self-image seemed spot-on to me.
Holy Cow! Cejka finishes the day of approaching greens with a stunning shot.
Tomorrow should be SO great. It seems he will be playing with Tiger in the last group with a great starting lead. Cejka has never won in the US. I figure I might well be cheering for him.

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