Saturday, June 06, 2009

A New TSN Stupidity

The French Open Women's Final is being broadcast by both NBC and TSN this morning here on my Toronto cable system. On the original NBC feed, there is a little box, I'll coin the name infobox, on the lower left of the screen, including three lines of text, the top two informing the viewer of the set and game score in the match and the bottom line the score in the current game.
TSN simply rebroadcasts the NBC feed, but they have decided to improve it! It is standard on TSN coverage to add to the screen a bottom line in which scores of other sports, which of course every sports fan knows from watching the earlier sports news on the network or can check on the internet, since there is no other sport of import active at the moment that is being reported.
The enhancement that this bottom line brings comes from its writing over the current game score in the NBC infobox. So I am watching on NBC.
I am also surprised that our cable system has not replaced the NBC feed by the TSN feed as is common (I thought mandatory) when the 'same' show is being broadcast on cable by a US and a Canadian station.
UPDATE: This is interesting. TSN's enhancement is not currently on-screen. I will go back to NBC anyway - the blasted thing could come back.


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