Friday, June 05, 2009

Sharing the Pain for Climate Change

Hey it's not just us humans, other species are pitching in!
Since January, cows at 15 farms across Vermont have had their grain feed adjusted to include more plants like alfalfa and flaxseed — substances that, unlike corn or soy, mimic the spring grasses that the animals evolved long ago to eat.
As of the last reading in mid-May, the methane output of Mr. Choiniere’s herd had dropped 18 percent. Meanwhile, milk production has held its own.

Well, maybe that dietary change is not much of a sacrifice.
“They are healthier,” he said of his cows. “Their coats are shinier, and the breath is sweet.”

And this is likely to be the quote of the day for me.
Sweetening cow breath is a matter of some urgency, climate scientists say.

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