Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Angus is Right - the Founding Fathers Goofed One Up Badly

Angus starts out finding the Nirthers ridiculous, as they are.
But he then asks a good question I do not hear often enough:

Granted that this whole flapdoodle is more about President O's ethnicity than his place of birth, it still provides an interesting question to those who unquestioningly revere our founding fathers and our constitution, viz. WTF is up with this "born in the USA" requirement to be president?
It makes no sense. If people wanted Neil Young to be prez and Neil would lower himself enough to accept, what possible relevance could his place of birth have on this contract?
Are we afraid that a foreign born president would immediately "sell us out" to his/her country of origin? Would Neil make us all start eating circles of ham and forcing us to call it bacon?
Our founding fathers had a lot on the ball, but this is one of the places where they screwed up.

Actually, I call those circles of ham 'back bacon' or 'Canadian bacon', and the unmodified 'bacon' implies lovely fatty strips of delight to me.


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