Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Teachable Moment

The windbag could not resist - unfortunately, I was in Europe until yesterday and thus largely in thrall to CNN International (not a sensible organization - you should have seen their attempts to make Zelaya look like other than the joke he is on Friday night), so had to rely on the low-bandwidth sources of reliable information about the troubles that the professional black Henry Gates was having.
Fortunately Steve Sailer was on the job - and now Power Line has a lovely summary of Obama's press secretary trying to dodge the bullet that Obama shot at himself on this one.
The conversation that Obama intends to have with Gates and Crowley over a beer could get a little tense if Gates (and Obama?) think they are working on the issue of racial profiling, while Crowley thinks they are working on the issue of privileged people with connections in high places acting abusively toward police officers who are trying to do their jobs.

It seems likely that Obama thinks a connection to Harvard is proof of some virtue. In this case he is utterly wrong.
The only teaching that seems appropriate to me is teaching Obama to keep his mouth shut when he is utterly ignorant. As he admits he was in this case.


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