Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'll Bet Steven Erlanger Does not even Know He should be Embarrassed

Hat tip to Jose Guardia - this is truly an appalling piece of writing. What is great is it shows us so much more about the author than about the subject.
I have long considered Steven Erlanger an embarrassment to the New York Times (if the NY Times were capable of embarrassment) but this piece is a classic.

Barbara Cassin, a philosopher, said that Mr. Sarkozy “was less uneducated than it appeared, but he’s still as uneducated as before.” With his new endeavors, she said: “He’s saying: ‘Now I’m up to the level of my position. I’ve become presidential.’ ”

Wow! She's a philosopher. What she says must be important. Erlanger should not get any more column-inches anywhere.


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