Sunday, August 30, 2009

As Far as my Eye Could See! Part I

Volleyball courts! It's the 2009 Canadian Beach Volleyball Nationals - Toronto weather chose not to cooperate but crowds of players still came.

As you can see it was cloudy, and it was also cool (under 20 degrees Centigrade). Nonetheless, the sport's rules make the attire of the players appealing.

With the ambience harmfully affected by the weather, I was not so committed as I was two years ago when the Nationals were held at Ashbridge's Bay last time. I attended only the Senior Women's Bronze Medal match, Tier 1. But really what a treat! It was BC's Cordonier-Broder against Quebec's Savoie-Mondor. Melanie Savoie initially seemed unfairly short, but her athleticism sure made up for that and erased that idea.

Meanwhile Liz Cordonier (purple shorts) and Marie-Christine Mondor were making good use of their height.

and with roles reversed

A little of Marie-Christine's power.



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