Friday, August 28, 2009

PM Harper - Please Double my contribution to the CBC

... so long as it goes with a continuing commitment from the CBC that they will keep negotiating the rights to stream and archive European coverage of the Grand Prix track and field meets in Europe (I am now watching the one from Zuerich).
A track and field fan like me would FAR RATHER have this, at whatever licensing cost you face, than the ludicrous highlight broadcast shows where some Canadian track stars analyze the 'highlights' (usually not my notion of same, and worse, you have some decathlete explaining a middle distance event, which is ludicrous beyond belief).
This current streaming model means we get truly expert European coverage, and a fairly comprehensive presentation of the event (though I am rather annoyed that this show started with Vlasic already having won her event).
If the CBC tells you they need more money, tell them that the first thing they should do is fix their web site so T&F fans like me no longer have to make wild guesses about which archived shows are which. Labeling that is useful would be really neat.


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