Monday, August 17, 2009

I Did Survive Sunday

Though I knew it would be hard.
In order the day featured a nice long morning walk before things got too hot (summer has arrived!), that allowed us our study of the herons.
I made it through the morning political shows I watch, without Stephanopoulos, and with Chris Wallace, but with Carville and Matalin, as SillyWife and I speculated on that marriage. I suspect they have an answer to the question on the normblog profile about being able to have a relationship with someone who held some strongly different political opinion.
And then it really got tough.
Usain Bolt did it again, putting on quite a show (you don't need a link - though you should read a report about by how much he busted the existing event record). But as I watched the race, I had some thoughts and feelings that I noted reflected in some other blogs later; in particular, I was very taken by the performance of Tyson Gay, whom I had barely really previously registered. All through the previous rounds, the coverage I watched suggested he was injured and not up to the task. And what a run he had! And he said it himself, there was just a better guy out there, but he also thanked the better guy for showing him how far things could go. Weldon Johnson summarizes nicely and also points to the Science of Sport guys to read more (and if this sort of thing interests you you should).
Shortly after that, Andy Murray wore Del Potro out to win the Rogers Cup ATP tournament. I am hoping Del Potro rests a bit before the US Open, so he can repeat the French Open 'exciting and draining' (for his senior spectators) experience. I hope all these guys will be at their peak then. And this is not to suggest I would not like to see Andy Murray win - he played a fine match.
And at last, in the end, the PGA offered up the unprecedented in many ways, an Asian-born winner of a golf major (one must phrase this carefully, as Tiger is arguably primarily of ethnic Asian origin), and a final round of a golf major in which Tiger yields a lead to lose.
What a day!
Of course there was more but I cannot bore people with all of that - just with this.


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