Monday, June 08, 2009

The French Open

OK it's a day late and it's all done, but I want to summarize.
Both finals were a terrible disappointment from a competitive point of view.
And the women's was worse, as it really was more a matter of Safina losing, to the point where poor Kuznetsova apologizes for winning. Her speech was sweet though, and showed her to be somewhat sweeter than she lets on, rightly, on court.
As for the men, the only excitement was the worry whether Federer would end up crying as he has recently, but he played well and got to cry for the reasons I had hoped. Soderling was a class act with a great sense of humor - "Surely nobody can beat me ten times in a row". The final, sadly, did NOT feature the Soderling who beat Nadal. I hope that guy comes back.
The tournament highlights on both sides were the semi-finals. I hope I see a tournament again where the man's semi-finals are so exciting and draining, especially as I can actually now find the time to watch it all!
On to Wimbledon!

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